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We offer numerous dental services from cleanings to simple restorations to implant restorations.  Our team spends considerable effort trying to help our patients maintain overall dental health.  Some dental conditions require that we partner with specialists who have years of additional training in order to help you with your specific dental need.  Below are just a few dental services that we offer both with and without help from our dental partners. 
















To the left is an Invisalign case demonstrating tooth colored buttons made of filling material as well as buttons with Invisalign aligners in place.  Invisalign is a great braces alternative for mature, compliant patients. In order to receive the results you are looking for, aligners must be worn at least 22 hours of every day, taken out only to eat and brush. 


Aligners work in a series of trays that gradually shift your teeth into place as each tray is manufactured so that the teeth are slightly moved into a straighter position than the previous tray.

If you think this is something you might be interested in - please call us for more information.

sleep appliance.png
Oral Sleep Appliance


To the left is one of many options for treatment of sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy.  Snoring and witness apneas (gasping for air while sleeping) are good reasons to at least have a conversation regarding whether or not you might have an obstruction problem while sleeping. 

Fabrication of an Oral Appliance by a dentist requires a prescription from your sleep physician.  Results from your diagnostic sleep study (whether in lab or at home) are also helpful.

Science based literature indicates that 85% of sleep problems are undiagnosed.  Please ask us if you have questions about your sleep and if you think this might be a good option for you. 

Denture dentist Fayetteville NC
Dentures and Partials


To the left is an upper partial denture.  It is used to replace 5 missing top teeth.  Partial dentures can be used to replace any number of missing upper and lower teeth when there are healthy natural teeth to anchor it against.   A full denture can be used when a patient is missing all upper or lower teeth.


Just like any other prosthetic (arm, leg or other)- these kinds of oral prosthetics take time for the patient to learn to both wear and function with and sometimes require multiple adjustments for patient comfort.


Dentures and partial dentures should be removed at night to help keep the oral tissues healthy. 


Please ask us if this is a good option for you. 

dental bridge Fayetteville NC
Crowns and Bridges


Single crowns involve preparing and covering only one tooth with either a white, silver or gold crown/cap.  This is done for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to): teeth with larger fillings at higher risk for fracture, a fractured tooth or to cover a root canal treated tooth.


Bridges involve replacement of one or more missing teeth like the before and after image on the left.  In this situation the two teeth that still remain in the top picture were prepared in a manner that allows us to use them to support the replacement of the two missing teeth.  A bridge is cemented in place such that the patient has to clean underneath it with a waterpik or floss and can not remove it nightly like the partial denture discussed above. 

Veneers dentist Fayetteville NC
Dental Veneers


Porcelain veneers are a thin shell that is custom-made to fit on the tooth.  They are strong and long-lasting with a natural-looking surface.  Preparation of the tooth for veneers requires removal of less tooth enamel than a crown or cap. 


Veneers can be used to correct a wide range of dental issues, such as: 


  • teeth that are stained and can't be whitened by bleaching

  • chipped or worn teeth

  • crooked or mishapen teeth

  • uneven spaces or a large gap between the upper front teeth


If you think this is something you might be interested in, please ask us if this is an ideal treatment for your condition. 

Whitening dentist fayetteville NC
Teeth Whitening


We offer several different kind of whitening options within our office to include: take home whitening strips, fabrication of whitening trays to use at home with Opalescence Whitening Gel as well as in-office whitening that takes just over 1 hour. 


The degree to which teeth whiten varies by patient.  Most patients do not see the change experienced by the patient on the left- but most patients do see some degree of whitening. Please know that fillings, crowns and veneers do not whiten.


If you are interested in whitening, feel free to ask us if this is a service we would recommend for you. 

dental implant fayetteville NC
Dental Implants


Dental implants are used in many ways to help with the replacement of teeth.  Here are some of the more common ways we use dental implants: 


  • A single implant can be used to replace a single tooth or in rare instances to replace two teeth. 

  • Two or more implants can be used to anchor an implant bridge. 

  • Two or more implants can be used to help hold a denture in place (the denture "snaps" onto the implant like snaps on a jacket)


Dental implants can be quite successful.  Please ask us if you are an ideal candidate for placement of dental implants.

Mouthguard dentist Fayetteville NC
Mouth guards- Night or Sport


To the left is a sport guard.  These can be made for any sport (my daughter currently has this same guard for Lacrosse).  Unlike most athletic guards you can pick up in the store, these are custom.  We take an impression of your mouth and send that impression to the lab for fabrication of a guard that comfortably fits without you having to maintain biting forces to keep it in place.


A custom guard not only allows the jaw to hang in a neutral position (making it more comfortable) but also ensures that the guard is in place just in the rare case that you or your child gets hit in the mouth during an event.


If you think this is something you might be interested in for you or your child- please call us for more information.

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