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Composite bonding before and after.

Composite Bonding

Many patients have spacing they would like closed.  We can often do this with minimal (if any) removal of natural tooth structure by adding composite (white filling material) to the side(s) of the tooth where spacing occurs.  Bonding can be more fragile than some other solutions so can only be done in select cases.

Small lateral- bonding added to patient's natural tooth 


When this patient's lateral incisors developed, they formed smaller than her other teeth (referred to as "peg laterals").  


After getting braces to better align the teeth and create an equal amount of space for both the left and right laterals- composite bonding was added to this patient's natural teeth.   


The patient commented at a recent hygiene visit how tremendous the difference was from her before ortho/bonding to after.  What a difference such a relatively simple procedure can have in overall esthetics.

Do you need a composite?

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